The global pandemic has thrown up significant challenges.
Here’s how we can help your organisation overcome them.

Media Training

The stakes are higher than ever and media missteps are legendary career breakers. But, there’s a much more common risk: failing to seize the opportunity that an interview or media appearance offers. What if no-one remembers you or anything you had to say? Good media training makes you memorable for the right reasons.

Baird’s CMC brings almost four decades of media training experience globally. We’ll make sure your people get complex messages across under pressure.

Presentation Skills

Let’s be honest: most of the speeches and presentations we hear feel like obligations or even ordeals. Do you want yours to feel like a highlight of the day and then turn into something your audience uses to change the world around them?

Whether you are in the same room, or half way round the world using the latest technology, do you want to be really remembered by your audience?

Using the power of speech to change beliefs and behaviour is a skill that can be taught

Baird’s CMC combines the talents of world-class speakers and board-level communicators to bring out the very best in your people.

Staff Engagement

One in three employees would quit over boredom, research says - and that was before working patterns were put under such pressure! Real engagement doesn’t just keep good people, it transforms them.  How in touch are you with your most critical stakeholders?

Baird’s CMC is trusted by senior leaders in over 70 countries to deliver campaigns that change behaviour, drive engagement and achieve results.

Reputation Management

Your reputation is one of your biggest assets, and one of your biggest challenges. What took decades to build can be destroyed in minutes with devastating impact on your organisation’s value. For most companies, though, reputation doesn’t disappear; trust and affection languish, unloved and untended. The key to making the most of this critical asset is understanding it and having a plan for it.

Baird’s CMC understands complex organisations and cultures. We’ll make sure we will work with you to develop and protect your reputation.

Your Project Team

Raquel Cruz and Cormac Smith bring significant experience in all aspects of strategic communication and public relations. Having worked across our organisation to develop our new product offerings, specifically aimed at the current challenges we all face, they will assemble and lead the strongest teams to address your issues. With our unique global network rest assured you will always be working with the best in the business.

Raquel Cruz

Project Manager

Raquel is a communications and project management specialist. She will be coordinating the introduction of our new services and supporting clients in the management and delivery of their projects.

Since working for Baird’s CMC, Raquel has been involved in communications, research, and project management for clients including Roche, IFPMA, ViiV Healthcare, Angelini Pharma and Gavi, with accountability for everything from conception to successful completion.

  • Speaks fluent Spanish and English
  • Masters’ degree in International Journalism from Cardiff University, UK
  • Background as a public relations consultant in a Spanish communications agency
  • Experienced radio producer and social media specialist

Cormac Smith

Skills Development
Project Director

Cormac is a highly experienced strategic communications specialist. He has been integral to the development of these new services and will be working closely with clients to understand their needs and develop solutions.

In a career spanning three decades Cormac has held a number of senior positions, including Deputy Director of Communications at the UK Cabinet Office, Strategic Communications Advisor to the Foreign Minister of Ukraine, and as Director of Communications for several UK local authorities.

  • Media training and public speaking expert
  • Experienced in crisis communications
  • Specialist in staff engagement and corporate leadership
  • Trusted adviser on reputation management and media relations